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Langdale Hall – 7:00

Cook Book, Martin Briggs-Watson and Andrew William Robb

Life looks bleak for a hapless bachelor who spectacularly fails when cooking a romantic dinner. With some unexpected help from his kitchen appliances things start looking up.

Alice, Thomas Brooks

Alice auditions for a part in a play. Will her performance be seen in time?

Spin, Max Hattler

When conflict becomes a spectacle, the lines between destruction and entertainment get blurred.

Ambitious, Aynur Askarov

The main event in this village is a weekly film show at the local recreation centre. The main character is a passionate fan of Indian films. But it's not that easy to get through to the screening of your favourite film.

Jezebel, Nicki Perkins

Elijah is a young drifter living in Jericho obsessively draws a girl he’s in love with.

High Above the Sky, Shaun Clark and Kim Noce

One day Leo screams and screams and screams, his Dad takes him shopping and so the journey begins through the aisles and high above the sky


Step Right Up, Benjamin Bee

When his ex-wife cancels their son's 8th birthday party Dan decides to carry on regardless with the one person who turns up as planned, the clown.

Would you be kind to leave, Sir, Valérie Théodore

Rémy, a homeless man, comes into possession of a voucher for a diner at a fancy restaurant.

Oben, Thierno Bah, Noé Guiliani, Pierre Ledain and David Martins da Silva

A remarkable animation about the story of a mountain climber.

Doll, Rahele Karami

A beautiful peddler girl who sells flowers in the streets falls in love and decides to work harder to save up her money.

Posturas ( Positions), Alvaro Oliva

Dolores, an old woman who lives in a village, decides to spice things up a little.